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- Patricia Nicole Harris, Author -

My name is Patricia Nicole Harris.  I am a wife, a mother and the product of immigrant grandparents from the British Virgin Islands.  Their sacrifice and commitment to the pursuit of a better life is the reason I can pursue my own dreams.  My Grandmother laid the blueprint of service to others.  It is the reason I am so proud to follow in her footsteps and be an educator and serve children and young adults in a similar fashion.


I am Lexington (Lex) and Savannah’s mother and Camden’s (Cam) Aunt and God mommy. This book and the series of books that follow, is my outward expression of admiration and love to my boys, my daughter and to all children. I dreamt of writing these books, I put it off repeatedly and convinced myself the dream I carried wasn’t big or important enough.


I was wrong…

The thing I hope to get right in these books is to show my children, to show all children, especially those of color- children whose dreams are deferred and told aren’t significant enough – that you do it anyway. Pursuing your dream isn’t optional, it’s a necessity. Pursuing your dream, holding on to the thing that lights you up is what we can do to light up the world. I started out simply wanting my boys to see themselves represented and memorialize the joy I see in their childhood. I wanted them to remember the times when life was easy and fun, and their cares rested only in what adventure would come next.


Our children deserve to see themselves and to live in their innocence and sense of adventure for as long as they can.  Any parent knows having children is like having your heart walk outside of your body – Cam and Lex Adventures is me sharing my heart with the world.

- JeTaun, Illustrator -
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