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Fun Features

Check out a few of the places Cam And Lex Adventures has been featured!

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Kel Mitchell shoutout! 

Cam and Lex are vibrant little boys with LOTS of personality. One of their favorite movies is Good Burger. One of the stars of the movie, THEE Kel Mitchell noticed them doing a skit on their page and gave us a shoutout. What a cool highlight. 

Art and Activism Con- 2021


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Cam and Lex Adventures made its debut as a vendor at this amazing virtual event hosted by fellow author, illustrator and activist, David Heredia. (Check out his book Little Heroes of Color)

With panels of activists and influential speakers, we tackled social justice through art! 

Authors, illustrators, poets and celebrities alike united in our effort to be activists in our respective spaces. @_heroesofcolor


Mija Books

Cam and Lex Adventures is on bookshelves at this amazing Black & Latina Owned bookstore. They focus and specialize in English, Spanish, Bilingual books to ensure there is representation in children's literature. Check them out @mijabooks

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Cam And Lex received a shoutout from a respected online bookstore focusing on Black Literature. With over 16k followers, we are honored that our book was made visible to such a large audience. @litforblackkids


Kidllio Magazine 

Kidliomag is a kids literary digital Magazine and designed to spark your child’s interest in reading and writing. This is a literary resource for parents and teachers. We support all kinds of books and self-published authors through our marketing programs and services.

Kidliomag is a digital monthly magazine that features children authors , book reviews , book recommendations and stories by young kids and many more. It is a great resource for kids and parents. 

Check them out @kidliomag

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